The Future Is Now

by Marc Geddes

I start and end blogs so often that I’ve lost count. It’s odd, because I would regard blogs the perfect method of expression – if you do it right. I suppose the reason that I have not been able to persist in writing a blog has been my fluid way of life. I lead a sort of ‘poly-life’, in that everything is put into different boxes: politics, economics, family, the social, work life, the academic and even sport. It has always been separate and detached.

Recent events have caused my life to coalesce. It actually began when I realised I needed new ear-pieces. My studies have advanced at a rapid rate, my political foundations have found fertile ground, and my skills in the kitchen are constantly improving (made a somewhat delicious chicken and broccoli risotto this evening). Rather than everything being led in a separate manner, my personality has come together.

Perhaps this has been a long term process, something which had begun in September 2008. The collision created a supernova that blew my life into a melting pot. The initial outcome was certainly not a pretty sight. And yet the final consequence has been my retrouvement. The most important message I have learnt through this process is this: the future is now. I will lead my life the way I intend to lead it; life is not a rehearsal.

So here I am. It may be a dysfunctional beginning to a blog, but I wanted to open up with a message to explain myself. Its nature is political, academic even. I will attempt to write theoretical as well as practical arguments. I want to review books. I wish to reflect upon questions of insurmountable importance. I want to open argument and debate. This is not all. I want to look at culture, the media, literature, and photography – for one reason: the future is now.