In addition to my doctoral research and other interests, I’m currently a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) at the Department of Politics at The University of Sheffield. I’m hugely passionate about teaching at university, and don’t think that we do enough of it. See below for my current engagement with teaching, and my training and development.

Current Work

Seminar Tutor (2014-present)

I am passionate about my students and want them to develop to their best abilities. I am currently a seminar tutor two courses: an introduction to political theory (course for first year undergraduate students) and analysis in British politics (course for second year undergraduate students). In order to work effectively as seminar tutor, I have: an awareness of a range of pedagogical methods, developed a range of seminar plans (for political theory), facilitated discussion amongst students, given in-depth verbal and written feedback for essays and exams, and encouraged independent learning.

Lead PhD Mentor (2013-present)

During the second year of my doctoral thesis, I organised a Departmental PhD Mentoring Scheme that was originally founded in 2012. As part of this scheme, current PhD students are asked to pair up with PhD applicants to offer advice and support to current MA students (and, indeed other individuals that sought PGR advice). During my time as leading organiser, I was in charge of a small team of 11 PhD students, who paired up with as many MA students. As a mentor, you are asked to offer informal advice about doctoral applications, the everyday life of a doctoral student, and any subject-specific insights or help that the student could offer. I have mentored a range of students, principally at Sheffield University, but also at Cambridge University.

Training and Development

The Sheffield Teaching Assistant programme, The University of Sheffield (2013)

The STA programme involved a number of intensive and extensive teaching workshops designed to facilitate teaching at university level. Workshops attended: Large Group teaching; Small Group Teaching; Assessment and Feedback; Academic Culture Transitions and Expectations. These workshops identified key aspects of teaching, designed specifically to enhance knowledge of the different ways that students learn and teachers may instil knowledge; effective and ineffective methods teaching; potential barriers for students and teachers alike; and numerous transferable skills for teaching in an inter-disciplinary environment.

Working towards accredation as Fellow to the Higher Education Academy (2015/2016)

I am currently building a portfolio to become a Fellow of the HEA, which is a leading organisation to help demonstrate high quality teaching at universities and colleges. Fellowship demonstrates a disnguished mark of quality, consolidating personal development to emphasise good practice.