Over the past three years, I have become very passionate about teaching. I regard teaching as more than transmitting subject-specific knowledge. I believe that lecturers and seminar tutors are placed in a pivotal role vis-à-vis students. We have a duty to be critically aware of students’ progress as learners of the subject material, as well as the students’ wider skill-set to advance at university-level, including skills to undertake independent research, analyse effectively and work well with others. I hope to support students to become well-rounded critical thinkers and analysts, and to strive for excellence at all times through practical and critical engagement with research.

At the University of Edinburgh, I have taught on the following:

  • Parliamentary Studies, co-convened with Dr Alan Convery
    A detailed analysis of parliamentary institutions, run in with the UK Houses of Parliament
  • Government and Politics in the UK
    A five-week course delivered to international students to introduce key debates in British politics

Before joining the University of Edinburgh, I was Graduate Teaching Assistant at the Department of Politics, University of Sheffield, a role which I held for two years. I have taught on the following courses:

  • POL110: Introduction to Western Political Thought (first year undergraduate module)
    Analysis of political thought of Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, St Augustine, Aquinas and Machiavelli
  • POL113: Introduction to Political Analysis (compulsory first year undergraduate module)
    Covering key conceptual issues and analytical perspectives in political science
  • POL115: Consensus, Crisis and Coalition: An Introduction to British Politics (first year undergraduate module)
    A history of British politics from 1945 to the present, including domestic and foreign policy
  • POL231: Never Mind the Ballots: State and Society in the UK Today (second year undergraduate module)
    Analysis of contemporary debates in British politics and governance